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How does Custom Products help you be more competitive?

Posted by Chris Love on

Black Nickel Hidden Weight spinnerbait with flashbou skirtShad Flash Spinnerbait skirt flashbou material

What's it take to be competitive?  Custom Products.  Occasionally you can go out and catch quality fish on the same products all the other anglers are throwing.  But that's rare.  Tournament anglers look for details to give them an edge over all the others.  At 911CustomLures, we create Custom Products for that edge.  

This year we have introduced (actually re-introduced as these were produced many years ago) Flashbou material into our spinnerbait skirts.  Product testing and development has really been successful!  The extra flash produced in the skirts really bring in the fish!  Especially during the shad spawn!  Try one today!  multiple color options available.

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